Casual Letting

A ‘Tenant Finding’ Service for Homeowners

This is essentially a ‘Tenant Finding’ service for those homeowners who wish to retain the day to day management of their rental property but who require help with tenant selection and initial documentation.

We organise all aspects of advertising the property and dealing with inquiries and bookings. We will show the prospective tenants through the property and carryout relevant reference, background, employment and credit checks. The homeowner will then make the final choice of tenant based on our recommendations.

Once the choice has been made we’ll prepare the Tenancy Agreement (together with a schedule of appropriate terms and conditions, insulation statement, etc) and the Bond Lodgment form. We also collect the agreed bond (3 weeks rent) from the tenant and lodge this with Tenancy Services.

At the time of signing it is our practice to go through all of these forms in quite some detail with both the tenant and the owner (landlord). We endeavour to ensure that each party has a clear understanding of their respective rights and obligations under the contract.

Once the documentation has been completed and we have accounted to the owner for the initial rent, and bond money, our involvement with both parties is at an end. The landlord/tenant relationship and the day to day administration of the premises remain strictly between the owner as Landlord and the new tenant.

Our fee for this service is $150.00 plus GST to be paid before we undertake any advertising of the property. The let fee will then be deducted from the rent collected by Village Rentals & Property Management before being paid to the landlord. The let fee will be one weeks rent plus GST or $750 plus GST, whichever is the smaller amount. 

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